• Lightning Fire Dragon Natsu is here
  • Date:2021-02-05


    Event time: 02/05 10:00 ~ 02/26 23:59

    Event Detail: “Lightning Fire Dragon Natsu- Treasure Exploring” has divided into two parts: Charge and Explore.






    1. A free draw is possible every 23 hours.
    2. Each draw can randomly charge the crystal 1~10 cells.
    3. Collect the required number of crystals to obtain a chance to [Explore] Treasure
    4. If number of your draws reach a specified number of times per day (4 times, 10 times, 20 times, 50 times, 100 times), you can get additional daily rewards.
    5. Daily rewards will be reset every day at 0:00. Players should remember to claim them. After resetting, they will not be able to claim the daily rewards of the previous day.







    1. There are a total of 20 rewards for exploring secret treasures, and no duplicate reward will be drawn.
    2. After all treasures all drawn, you can get the final prize(Lightning Fire Dragon Natsu Fragment*100) and reset the board.



    Event Details

    • Please use your mobile phone to log in to the game for the event, and avoid using simulators for activities.
    • Rewards will not be sent directly to the mailbox. Please go to the "Reward Warehouse" on the right to send the selected rewards to the mailbox.
    • Reward Warehouse will be unavailable after the event. Please remember to collect all the rewards in the Reward Warehouse within the event time. There are no refunds if you didn't collect all rewards within the event time.
    • The maximum number of letters in the game is 100, please be aware that the remaining space before receiving the reward.