• This week's update: Children Version
  • Date:2021-02-04

    The Children version has been updated on 2/4 07:40. Here are the contents of this update:


    Children Version


    Children System

    You can now adopt Children in the game. When they grow up to be "Ignorant youth," you can distribute their Stats and teach them skills. They can even replace magic beasts to battle.



    Unlock to Lv. 95

    The character level can upgrade to Lv. 95.



    Advanced Temper

    There is a higher chance to increase the Stats of equipment with the new Advanced Temper.



    Guild Chest System

    1. Accumulate guild chest points and receive rewards every day.
    2. When the total number of guild chest points of all guild members hits the target, each guild member will get a chance to open the chest.



    Guild Technology System

    Guild members can contribute the Donation points to unlock various guild skills. The skills can directly enhance character Stats such as P. ATK, P. Crit Rate, etc.





    Mount:Brave Leopard

    Event Time: 02/03 00:00 ~ 03/02 23:59






    Passionate Baseball Outfit Bundle

    Event Time: 02/03 00:00 ~ 2/16 23:59



    Passionate Baseball Outfit Bundle
    Item Reward Content Rate
    Outfit Outfit-Full, Outfit-Top, Outfit-Bottom, Outfit-Head, Outfit-Weapon 1.73%
    Enhance Material

    Power Quartz, Halo Energy, Jewel, Apocalypse Crystal, etc.

    Coin Silver and Gold 43.24%



    Limited-time House of Magic


    Event Time: 02/04 00:00 ~ 02/09 23:59




    Limited-time House of Magic
    Minerva Assistant Card
    Item Reward Content Rate
    Assistant Card
    SS-Class Assistant Card、SS-Class Assitant Card Fragment 7.95%
    Other Assistant Cards S-Class Assistant Card、S-Class Assistant Card Fragment
    、A-Class Assistant Card Fragment
    Mileage House of Magic Mileage 50、80、120 33.19%
    Others Silver、Gold、Assistant Lacrima 45.72%