• This week's update: Ultear Milkovich is here
  • Date:2021-01-13

  • Here are this week's updates(01/12):



    Limited-time House of Magic


    01/13 00:00 ~ 01/19 23:59




    Limited-time House of Magic
    Ultear Milkovich Assistant Card
    Item Reward Content Rate
    Assistant Card
    SS-Class Assistant Card、SS-Class Assitant Card Fragment 7.95%
    Other Assistant Cards S-Class Assistant Card、S-Class Assistant Card Fragment
    、A-Class Assistant Card Fragment
    Mileage House of Magic Mileage 50、80、120 33.19%
    Others Silver、Gold、Assistant Lacrima 45.72%



    Exotic Traveler Mount Lucky Bundle



    Exotic Traveler Mount Lucky Bundle
    Item Reward Content Rate
    Mount Exotic Traveler Mount 0.35%
    Enhance Material Power Quartz, Halo Energy, Jewel, Equipment Blueprint, Power Steel, etc. 59.79%
    Coin Silver、Gold 39.86%



    Strongest Team Development Bundle



    Strongest Team Development Bundle
    Item Reward Content Rate
    SS-Class Assistant Card Erza Assistant Fragment*1, Erza Assistant Fragment*3, Erza Assistant Fragment*5, Erza Assistant Fragment*30 3.90%
    Assistant Lacrima

    S-Class Natsu Assistant Fragment*30,
    S-Class Natsu Assistant Fragment*3,
    S-Class Natsu Assistant Fragment*5,
    S-Class Natsu Assistant Card*1,
    S-Class Lucy Assistant Fragment*30,
    S-Class Lucy Assistant Fragment*3,
    S-Class Lucy Assistant Fragment*5,
    S-Class Lucy Assistant Card*1,
    S-Class Gray Assistant Fragment*30,
    S-Class Gray Assistant Fragment*3,
    S-Class Gray Assistant Fragment*5,
    S-Class Gray Assistant Card*1,
    S-Class Wendy Assistant Fragment*30,
    S-Class Wendy Assistant Fragment*3,
    S-Class Wendy Assistant Fragment*5,
    S-Class Wendy Assistant Card*1,

    Others Silver, Magic Training Card, Partner Training Card, Jewel, Pigeon Messenger, Halo Energy, Power Quartz, etc. 61.65%