• 500,000 Pre-registration goal reached! Claim the SS Class Assistance Erza for free on all servers!
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • After days of waiting, the worldwide pre-register number has successfully reached over 500,000, and the target to unlock the rewards. To celebrate this precious milestone. We will give all wizards the "Start Your Adventure" rewards on all servers. After entering the game and creating the character, wizards then can receive the SS-Class Assistance Erza! Remember to check your in-game mail to receive various rewards!



    "Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!" Pre-registration "Start Your Adventure" rewards:



    Silver Bundle•Big*1, Natsu Assistance Fragments*5, Lacrima Bundle*3, Level 3 Jewel Box*6, Erza Assistance Card*1. All characters will receive above five pre-registration rewards in-game.


    Erza is a "Physical Attack Assistance." Log in now to claim Erza and watch the shine of Heaven's Wheel· Blumenblatt! Pre-registration page: [Click here] to see "The Strongest Team" event rewards.