• Six Months Celebration Event!
  • Date:2021-06-17
  • Six Months Celebration Event!











    "FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!" Has Launched For Six Months!

    To celebrate, we will be holding the Six Months Celebration Event and send out plentiful rewards!



    Event Period: From 6/18 to 6/27


    Event Reward: Selectable SS-Class Assistant Fragment Gift Box and Selectable Lacrima Gift Box



    Login for the first three days to get 30 Assistant Fragments, then get another 30 Assistant Fragments in the next six days! At the end of the event, you can get 5 Selectable Lacrima to enhance your Assistant!



    The selectable Assistants include ISD Gajeel, Jura, Jellal, CSG Lucy, Demon Mirajane, Ultear, Mystogan, AF Erza, LFD Natsu, and Minerva.



    Wizards! We thank you for your love and support, hope you enjoy the game.