• Legendary Magic Beast- Thunderstorm!
  • Date:2021-05-22
  • Legendary Magic Beast- Thunderstorm!



    New Launch



    Event Time:05/21 10:00 ~ 06/06 23:59







    Here comes the Legendary Magic Beast- Thunderstorm! 


    Swift Thunder:  This magic damage-type active skill reduces own Speed and deals damage to an enemy target; there is a chance to apply Stun, the Stun chance scales with own VIT. When Stun is not applied, the target is granted with a debuff that increases its damage taken by 30%. This is followed by a resting round.


    Event Details

    • Please use your mobile phone to log in to the game for the event, and avoid using simulators for activities.
    • Players can freely choose the number of charges, one draw costs 30 diamonds or 10 draws costs 280 diamonds and 100 draws costs 2,700 diamonds.
    • A free draw is possible every 24 hours.
    • Gather the energy to collect the specified energy crystals (the energy crystals required will gradually increase), and you can get the number of times to explore the secret treasure.
    • Rewards will not be sent directly to the mailbox. Please go to the "Reward Warehouse" on the right to send the selected rewards to the mailbox.
    • The maximum number of letters in the game is 100, please be aware that the remaining space before receiving the reward.
    • If the number of your draws reaches a specified number of times per day (4 times, 10 times, 20 times, 50 times, 100 times), you can get additional daily rewards.
    • Daily rewards will be reset every day at 0:00. Players should remember to claim them. After resetting, they will not be able to claim the daily rewards of the previous day.
    • There are a total of 20 rewards for exploring secret treasures, and no duplicate rewards will be drawn. After all are drawn, you can get the final prize and reset the board.
    • Redrock Leopard Mount will be tradeable on 5/28.