• Commerce System - Shop
  • Date:2022-09-06
  • Silver is an important currency and can be used for many purposes. The most significant one is to buy items from the Shop! What is the function of shop? Let's take a look together.

    [Shop Buying Area]

    On this shelf, all items can be purchased with Silver. These items are divided into five categories: jewels, forging items, magic beast items, formation items, and mount items.



    The items on this shelf are not very rare but common. For example, the only item related to magic beast is EXP Potion.



    [Shop Selling Area]

    All items that can be purchased at the shop can be sold back for 90% of the sale price.



    [Shop Points Exchange Area]

    In the Exchange Area, we can exchange Succor and Instruction for items such as Training Cards and Power Quartz.




    Succor: A wizard of level 40 or above can earn succor by helping a wizard of level 10 lower. The daily limit for Succor earned in an Exorcist Mission is 50. Also, wizards can earn 50 Succor at most by helping other wizards complete the Path of Challenger and Co-op mission.




    Instruction: Proof of being a good Mentor. Instruction is awarded for guiding an apprentice through the Master-Disciple Mission, the Teaching Mission, and Apprentice's Graduation. Items sold and exchanged in the shop are common! These items are not precious, but they are indispensable to improve your strength. Do you want to enhance your strength? Grab every opportunity to earn silver and buy these items at the shop!