• Commerce System - Trade Market
  • Date:2022-09-06
  • Wizards can sell the needless items for gold and also buy the desired one in Trade Market. Let's find out the function of the trade market!

    [Trade Market System]

    Trade Market System will be unlocked when wizards reach lv 30. Wizards can sell and buy items from others and find the desired item from the index or searching function.



    When the wizards are purchasing items, there will be a notice indicating whether the marked price is the cheapest in the trade market. The item will be sent to the Inventory directly after the purchase.



    In a trade market, Gold is the only currency for buying and selling. When selling items, all items have an initial system price, and wizards can only adjust the initial price by increasing it by up to 50% and decreasing it by at least 50%. In addition, when you release an item on the market, you will be charged a handling fee of 1% Silver of the item's price.



    When releasing an item, the left side of the store shelf will show the current price of the same product in the trade market, which can be used by wizards as a reference for pricing your item. After a item is sold, the trade market will charge a certain percentage of Gold as tax.



    There is a limit for the number of items that can be placed on the store shelves. If there are not enough shelves, wizards can use diamonds to expand the shelves. Turn rock into gold! trade market has greatly increased the commercialization of Earthland. Wizards can easily acquire the items you need, and sell your treasures to make money. Start your business in the trade market!