• Mount Introduction
  • Date:2022-09-06
  • You need a mount to wander in Earthland! A mount can make a wizard move faster and also provide stats bonus. Let's find out the information and special function of mount!



    [Mount Introduction]
    Mount system will be unlocked when the wizard reaches Lv 32.



    Each Mount increases the wizard's movement speed and stats bonus. Stats bonus from different mounts can be stacked up, which means that once wizards receive a mount, the stats bonus will last forever.



    Wizards can develop the mount by filling the Mana Spring with Power Quartz. For each level upgrade, wizards will get 3 points of development stats to distribute manually. The level of Mana Spring works on all of your mounts. Changing mount will not affect the level.



    Every mount can equip 3 Mount Amplification. Wizards can unlock the Mount Amplification by some certain conditions. For expample, you need to embed twelve LV.6 Jewels on all equipment to unlock "Conquer" Amplification. Ultimate Mount Amplification will be unlocked after the release of all twelve Mount Amplification.



    With the decent mount, wizards can move faster and strengthen the stats massively. What a carry-on must-have essential! Wizards, do you need more stats bonus? Go collect all the mounts!