• Weapon Halo Introduction
  • Date:2022-09-06
  • A mysterious shine glowing weapon can stamp on treacherous enemies! Wizards can install the Halo Badge on the weapon to let it shine with incredible radiant! But more importantly, installing the Halo Badge on the weapon can significantly increase wizard's stats and make the wizard stronger! Let's look at further information about Weapon Halo down below.


    [Weapon Halo Convention]

    Weapon Halo System will be unlcoked when the wizard reaches level 45 . Wizards then can utilize Halo Badge to enchant the weapon with Halo Magic Power.




    The Weapon Halo Conversion needs to consume Halo Badges, which can be bought in Shop or received in every event or mission. Before upgrading the Weapon Halo Grade, you need to light up 8 stars. (Upgrade the Weapon Halo Grade also cost Halo Badges.)




    Wizard's stats will be increased after installing Halo Badges on the weapon. Also, the stats of equipped headgear, weapon, and ring will be increased by a percentage when the Weapon Halo Grade be upgraded to a certain level.



    When the upgrade of the Weapon Halo Grade reaches Grade 10, 20, and 30, you can unlock the Weapon Halo Lv 1, 2, and 3 relatively. (Only weapon above Lv 40 can glow).


    A dazzling weapon can intimidate enemies to flee in fear! Wizards, do you want a stronger stats and more awesome Weapon Halo? Collect the Halo Badges and enchant your weapon!