• Forge Introduction
  • Date:2022-09-06

  • How to get the Ultimate equipment in “Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!?” Is it by defeating the boss or receiving from NPC? Neither of the answers is right. In fact, the Ultimate equipment is forged by yourself. Let's find out how to forge the equipment and what materials do you need to forge.


    [ Forge Introduction]

    Forge system will be unlocked when the wizard reaches Lv 40.


    Forging equipment will cost Equipment Blueprint, Power Steel, Core of Forge(only required for equipment above lv 80), and silver.



    Equipment Blueprint below Lv60 can be bought from the shop. Advanced Blueprint can only be received by participating in the event. Power Steel is similar to blueprint as wizards can only buy normal power steel from the shop and receive Advanced Power Steel from events. On the other hand, wizards can buy Core of Forge from store and trade market.



    Different from blueprint and power steel, wizards can produce the Mold by themselves. Wizards can unlock the Mold Making Skill in Life Skill to spend vitality and produce the mold.



    The stats from equipment forged by the Forging System will fluctuate within a range. Wizards can press the preview bottom to acquire detail.

    Each wizard can forge equipment 200 times per day.



    The forged equipment is distinguished into Normal Equipment or Great Equipment according to its stats. Great gear includes Purple Great Gear and Orange Great Gear. The stats of Orange Great Gear is mostly close to the limit. Besides, the forged equipment will possibly come out with a special stunt or effect. These special stunts or effects will play a great role in the battle. Forging equipment is the only way to receive ultimate equipment. What are you waiting for? Go forge your own ultimate equipment!