• Beginner's Guide: Power Enhancement
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • The magic journey is full of difficulties! As a new Wizard to Earthland, you absolutely want to learn how to strengthen yourself, and eventually become a first-rate Wizard in Earthland! How exactly do Wizards need to do to get stronger? Wizards, come and take a look!


    [4 Ways to Enhance Your Power]

    There are many methods to increase your strength. We can roughly categorize these methods into three groups: The Wizard's development, Equipment and Mount, Magic Beasts and Assistants.


    Wizard's development

    The methods that can be used to enhance a Wizard's power can be broadly divided into the following categories: Class Magic Skills, Halo, Formation, and Character stats development.

    Class Magic Skills: In addition to magic skills, a Wizard has Life skills and Training skills. Raising the level of these skills will enhance the Wizard's power.



    Halo: There are Footprint Halo and Weapon Halo. Upgrading Halo not only makes Footprints and Weapons "glow", but also significantly increases a Wizard's power.



    Formation: The First position of the Formation is exclusive to the Main Character. It can greatly enhance the power of the Main Character.



    Main Character Points: When the main character is leveled up, he will receive development points. Wizards can distribute these points to enhance the stats and power.



    Equipment and Mount

    Mighty equipment and Mount can greatly enhance a Wizard's power.

    Equipment: Wizards can craft their own Premium Equipment through the Crafting System (which gives them special effects and additional stats). Wizards can also temper the equipment to give it additional stats. In addition, equipment can be embedded in Epitaphs and Jewels. All of these enhancement can significantly boost the Wizard's power.



    Mount: Once the Mount has been collected, its special characteristic can provide the Wizard with a stats bonus. Wizards can enhance the skill ability by equipping Skill Amplification. Wizards will gain development points after upgrading the Mount and can use to enhance the power by distributing these points.



    Magica Beast and Assistant Magica

    Magic Beast and Assistant are our mighty reinforcement. Without doubt, enhancing their power is enhancing Wizards' power as well.

    Magic Beast : Magic Beast is the most important partner of a Wizard. In PvP, Assistants may not be able to participate, but a Magic Beast must always participate in the battle. Wizards can receive more valuable Magic Beasts, upgrade your Magic Beasts, and learn stronger skills to increase their total power.



    Assistant: Assistants is also the important partners of a Wizard. Wizards can receive more powerful Assistants, upgrade the Bonding and Skill level, to enhance their total power.



    These are the main three ways to enhance power. Are you eager to try them out to enhance your power? Get online now and experience for yourself!