• Beginner's Guide: Operation Guidelines
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • As a new Wizard to Earthland, you must have many doubts about fighting, tasking or making friends. We must answer these questions urgently, so let's explain the basic operation of the game to Wizards.

    [Section of the Game Interface]

    Game System Content Section: This section includes all game system content, such as Bonuses, Events, etc. To get the first-hand information, Wizard can quickly open the Events interface to participate in various events, and receive game Bonuses in this section.



    Character Content Section: The content in this section is all about the characters. Wizards can quickly view personal information about the character such as Inventory, Magic, and Mount. In the Assistance panel, we can quickly choose or change the Wizards and Formations.


    Chat and Social Section: View various messages from around the world, such as system messages and messages posted by other players. This section also includes social systems, such as Friend system and Mail system.

    Quest List and Squad Member Section: In this section, there are several Quest bars displaying current quests. You can quickly perform a quest by clicking on the quest bar, and open the quest panel to view the details.



    Squad Member Section allows the Wizard to view the current squad or to quickly assemble a squad and adjust various options.

    [Battle Operation Guideline]

    Fighting is the most important activity in the game. Fighting with other Wizards or against enemy NPCs requires entering the battle interface, as shown below.



    In a non-automatic combat state, Wizards first needs to choose the main character's actions. There are 8 types of actions: Magic, Special Skill, Attack, Inventory, Defense, Protection, Magic Beast, and Retreat.

    Magic: Wizards can choose which skills to cast in this round.

    Special Skill: Wizards can choose which Special Skill to cast in this round.

    Attack: Normal attack (without any skills).

    Inventory: Wizards can use items in Inventory, such as healing items, to restore HP.

    Defense: The main character will perform a defensive stance to reduce the damage.

    Protection: The main character can protect and take the damage for his friendly target.

    Magic Beast: The main character can change magic beast here.

    Retreat: When the main character uses this skill, he or she will have a chance to escape from the battle.

    After the action of main character has been set up, wizards would need to set up the action of magic beast. The setting of magic beast is as same as the one of main character.

    Auto-battle: When wizards click on Auto-combat, the operation of manual setting will be repeated automatically.



    Mark and Search Operations: During a battle, you can mark your enemy and check their current status by pressing the enemy model. You can also mark your enemy with Firing Markers and Control Markers, this function is often used during squad battles.


    Now, do you have a better understanding of the various functions and operations about this game? However, it is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. Wizards, come to experience Earthland for yourselves!