• Beginner's Guide: Fast Level UP
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • Level is the foundation. In order to traverse Earthland, you must first raise your level! In that case, how can you upgrade quickly? Let's learn together.

    [Complete the Main and Side Quest]

    For new Wizard in Earthland, completing quests are the main way to level up. In this period, all a Wizard needs to do is follow the quest panel and complete the quests step by step to quickly level up.



    [Complete the Main and Side Quest]

    Besides the Main and Side quests, there are various Daily, Limited-Time, and Weekly events and quests that can be used to level up.



    First of all, we would like to ask Wizards to join a guild. This is because many guild events and quests will be available only by joining a guild (many Limited-Time events are guild-specific).



    Wizards can view the available Events and Quests through Quest panel. To see which quests can provide EXP, we can click on the "Quest" icon in the Event panel to have a closer look on rewards.

    Completing daily events is the most important way for Wizards to gain experience. So if you want to level up quickly, don't forget to participate in events to gain experience!