• Sound Wave Wizard: AOE Splash and Mark the enemies
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • Sound Wave Wizard uses Soundwave as an attack medium and applies Soundwave to a target during an attack. It can then deal with a continuous splash and extra damage to the target with Soundwave or create a one-time burst AOE damage.

    [Soundwave Wizard Introduction]

    The main characters, Yui and Tia, can choose to become a Soundwave Wizard. Soundwave Wizard is a AOE magic attack wizard who can mark and apply a Soundwave status to enemies while dealing damage to them.



    Soundwave Wizard is a class of AOE magic attack. Here is the recommended distribution for stats of magic attack class(5 free distribution points for each level up).



    Attack Type:

    Recommended distribution: 5 Magic. Deal the highest damage, but is less survivable.

    Recommended distribution: 3 Magic, 2 AGI. Attack and speed are balanced.

    Survival Type:

    Recommended distribution: 3 Magic, 2 STA. Attack is a bit lower, but is more survivable.



    The commonly used attack skill for Soundwave Wizards is Shadow heavy metal. It deals magic damage to 3 enemy targets, there is a 50% chance to apply Soundwave on the target. Other Soundwave teammates can apply soundwave to up to 6 targets through this skill. The number of targets is increased by 1 when skill level reaches Lv 30/50/70. In other words, at skill level 70, it can deal damage to up to 6 enemies.

    Soundwave Wizards can create magic Soundwaves to kill enemies. It is a great advantage that Soundwave Wizards can share Soundwave markers among themselves in a team. What do you think about Soundwave Wizard? If you're interested, come try it out!