• Velocity Wizard: Change Speed with Tactics
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • A Velocity Wizard can change his speed status (Boost or Slow) through skill attacks. In the Boost or Slow status, the Velocity Wizard will obtain different effects, allowing him to easily cope with the instant changes of the battlefield.

    [Velocity Wizard Introduction]

    The main characters, Crimson and Sheila, can choose to become a Velocity Wizard. In addition to their ability to inflict damage, Velocity Wizards have the ability to disable control and restore HP, allowing them to assist and support teammates when needed.



    Velocity Wizard is a attacker and support, and have the feature of velocity conversion. So, here is the recommended distribution for stats (5 free distribution points for each level up).



    Attack Type:

    Recommended distribution: 5 Power. Deal the highest damage, but is less survivable.

    Recommended distribution: 4 Power, 1 VIT. Good attack and survivability.

    Agility Type:

    Recommended distribution: 3 AGI, I VIT, 1 STA. Speed is high and with good survivability.



    The Velocity Wizard's attack is not weak and his main AOE skill is Arcane: Gale. The skill deals physical damage to only 2 enemy targets initially. Number of targets is increased by 1 when skill level reaches Lv 20/40/60. In other words, at skill level 60, it can deal damage to up to 5 enemies. Also, he can immediately dispels any speed Boost or Slow applied by own class skills and deal extra damage to enemy.

    Velocity Wizard is a well-balance class that can attack and control enemies, and support your teammates. If you want to become a Velocity Wizard ,choose the main character, Crimson or Sheila, to explore Earthland!