• Cure Wizard: Everlasting Recovery
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • Unlike the instant recovery ability of Elixir Wizard, a Cure Wizard is characterized by his ability to provide continuous recovery to teammates and predictive shields! It should be pointed out that the buff provided by Cure Wizard is to boost magic attack and magic resist for his teammates!

    [Cure Wizard Introduction]

    The main characters, Crimson and Keneally, can choose to become a Cure Wizard. Cure Wizard can heal his teammates and provide them with a variety of buff, making them ideal for teaming up with the magic attack wizards. Cure Wizards have a strong supportive ability but are weak in dealing damage.



    Cure Wizard is the class of healer support. Here is the recommended distribution for stats of healer Class (5 free distribution points for each level up).



    Attack Type:

    Recommended distribution: 5 Magic. Deal the highest damage, but is less survivable.

    Survival Type:

    Recommended distribution: 1 AGI, 2 STA, 2 VIT. Normal Speed and good survivability.

    Recommended distribution: 2 AGI, 1 VIT, 2 STA. Higher Speed, and good survivability.

    Recommended distribution: 3 AGI, 2 VIT. Highest Speed, and good survivability.



    The commonly used skill for Cure Wizard is Starshone: Heal. The skill is to heal 2 allies and applies Cure that heals every round for 5 rounds. The number of targets is increased by 3 when Starshone is active.

    Cure Wizards have strong recovery abilities and are good at fighting in a battle of attrition. Also, they can provide various shields and buff to their teammates in battle, making them an excellent supportive healer! Do Wizards like healing Wizards? If so, come to Earthland to learn healing magic yourself.