• Force Wizard: All-powerful Single-attack Physical Attack
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • Force Wizards pursue the maximum attack on a single target! He has explosive power and can deal lethal damage to a single enemy in a short time.

    [Force Wizard Introduction]

    The main characters, Yui and Sheila, can choose to become a Force Wizard. Force Wizard is the most powerful single-target physical attack class, but his control ability is a little weak.



    Force Wizard is the class of physical burst attack. Here is the recommended distribution for stats of Physical Attack Class (5 free distribution points for each level up).



    Attack Type:

    Recommended distribution: 5 Power. Deal the highest damage, but is less survivable. Recommended distribution: 4 Power, 1 AGI. Attack is not low and with higher Speed. Survival Type:

    Recommended distribution: 3 Power, 2 VIT . Attack is lower but more survivable.

    Recommended distribution: 3 Power, 1 VIT, 1 AGI. A balanced distribution. The survivability, attack, speed are well-balance.



    Force Wizards can deal great damage on a single target. Their common single attack skill is Triple Slash, which allows them to attack an enemy three times in one round, dealing massive physical damage. Besides, Force Wizards can perform AOE attacks. One of his skills, Blaze Rush, can deal physical damage to three enemies (he can only attack two targets before skill level 20).

    One Shot, One Kill! Execute a target surrounded by the enemies! This is the charm of all-powerful physical attack Force Wizard! Do you want to be a Force Wizard? Then choose Yui or Sheila to enter Earthland!