• Alphabet Wizard: Manipulate the words and seal your enemies
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • An Alphabet Wizard can use the mana of words to interfere with the movements of an opponent, putting them in a state of rest, sleep, or confusion. In short, an Alphabet Wizard is a class with a great deal of control skill!

    [Alphabet Wizard Introduction]

    The main characters, Shunai and Nico can choose to become an Alphabet Wizard. Alphabet Wizards have strong control ability, but their attack is slightly weaker.



    Alphabet Wizard is a class of control support. Here is the recommended distribution for stats of controller class(5 free distribution points for each level up).



    Agility Type:

    Recommended distribution: 4 AGI, 1 VIT. High speed and attack priority, but normal survivability. Recommended distribution: 4 AGI, 1 STA. High speed and normal survivability

    Survival Type:

    Recommended distribution: 2 AGI, 2 VIT, 1 STA. High survivability and normal Speed. Recommended distribution: 3 AGI, 1 STA, 1 VIT. Higher Speed and good survivability.



    The commonly used control skill for Alphabet Wizard is Forever Silence. There is a chance to afflict an enemy target with Silence for 3 rounds, rendering them unable to cast spells/special skills, use items, or do normal attack by using this skill. This skill also applies Seal Chance Reduction to the Alphabet Wizard for 2 rounds.

    You can gain a huge advantage by controlling the core enemy with priority! Alphabet Wizard has less attack, but with great control skills, he is a must-have class in a team! Experience the magic of the Alphabet Wizard by yourself. I believe the mighty power will not disappoint you.