• Sleet Wizard: The Most Powerful AOE Attack
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • A Sleet Wizard can use Arcane to permanently increase his magic attack. In battle, while dealing a high-damage AOE damage, he can also dispel enemy's buff, reduce regeneration, and even disable enemy's resurrection! The most importantly, Sleet Wizard has the most powerful AOE attack among all the classes.

    [Sleet Wizard Introduction]

    The characters, Schoena and Nico, can choose to become a Sleet Wizard. Sleet Wizard is the class of the strongest AOE magic attack.They deal massive magic damage to enemies, while also weakening them by dispelling their buff.




    Sleet Wizard is a class of AOE magic attack. Here is the recommended distribution for stats (5 free distribution points for each level up).



    Attack Type:

    Recommended distribution: 5 Magic. Deal the highest damage, but is less survivable.

    Survival Type:

    Recommended distribution: 3 Magic, 2 STA. Attack is weaker, but is more survivable. Recommended distribution: 3 Magic, 2 AGI. Speed is higher, and attack is not low.



    The commonly used AOE skill for Sleet Wizard is Ice Spiral. The skill releases pulses of Mana to initially deal magic damage to 3 enemy targets. After learning Frigid, there is 30% chance to gain Frigid after casting this skill. The number of targets is increased by 1 when magic level reaches Lv 20/40/60/70.In other words, at level 70, Ice Spiral can damage up to 7 enemies.


    Sleet Wizards are known as magic artilleries! As long as we have a Sleet Wizard on our side, he can deal powerful damage continuously and put the enemy under tremendous pressure. Want to be the strongest AOE magic wizard? Hurry up and become a Sleet Wizard!