• [Assistance] Controller Wizard
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • A Controller Assistance can use magic to restrict the movement of the enemy. These wizards do not have heal and strong physical attack. However, they can be the key to victory, so let's take a look at the Controller Assistance.



    [Controller Assistance]

    Cana and Yuka are the most popular Controller Assistance. As we can see from the stats, their main stat is the seal chance, but the physical attack is low.



    You can sift through Controller Assistance Wizards in Assistant System.



    As a Controller Assistance, some of his skill can restrict enemy's movement with control effect. We can use Assistance Lacrima to increase the skill level of a Controller Assistance. When the skill level is raised, it increases the seal chance of the skills.




    Also, we can change the formation to increase the seal chance of Controller Assistance.



    The core stat of a Controller Assistance is seal chance! It will be easier for us to win the battle, as long as they can successfully control the enemy's key target. Wizards, if you encounter enemies that are difficult to defeat, then let the Controller Assistance take over the battle!