• [Assistance] Healer Wizard
  • Date:2020-12-29
  • Healer Assistance can heal, restore HP, or resurrect teammates. They have no control skills and have low physical attack, but they are very important partners in our battles! Let's learn more about Healer Assistance!



    [Healer Assistance Wizard]

    Lovely Wendy is a Healer Assistance Wizard. She can restore teammate's HP and provide defensive buff. Additionally, we can see from the stats that the core stat of a Healer Assistance is Heal.



    You can sift through Healer Assistance Wizard in Assistant System.



    Most of Healer Assistance's skill are supportive and healing. We can use Assistance Lacrima to increase the skill level of a Healer Assistance. When the skill level is raised, it increases the effectiveness of the supportive and healing skills.



    If you want the Healer Assistance to restore more Hp through formation, we need to use a healing formation.



    Supportive skills of Healer Assistance have a great impact in battle. They can't control and deal lots of damage to the enemies, but they are good at fighting in a battle of attrition. As long as their heal is strong enough, they will be able to erode and destroy the enemy.