• Formation Introduction
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • In "Garena: Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!" Formation is one of the keys to improve the overall strength! The amazing formation can give you a chance to win even if your team is not as strong as the others.

    [Formation Introduction ]

    There are currently ten formations available, and each with very different stats bonus. In addition, each position in the formation has a different buff or nerf on the stats. It is a test of the wisdom for all wizards.


    [Formation: Kingsman]



    [Formation: Equality]



    [Formation: Translocation]



    [Formation: Adventure]



    [Formation: Lockdown]



    [Formation: Strike]



    [Formation: Blitz]



    [Formation: Trap]



    [Formation: Strategy]



    [Formation: Duality]


    [Formation Opposition]

    It's also worth mentioning that there is also an opposition between formations. When fighting against a formation that is countered by you, your attack increases by 3% and the enemy's attack by 3%. Conversely, when fighting against a formation that counter yours, your attack decreases by 3% and the enemy's attack increases by 3%.


    How to choose a proper Formation? For example, Formation: Strike is to sacrifice speed for attack, which is a good match for high AOE attack classes like Requip and Sleet Wizards. The other formations are up to the wizards to explore! Wizards, make good use of your formations to beat every enemy in Earthland!