• [Assistance] Physical Attack Wizard
  • Date:2020-12-25
  • Physical Attack Assistance can use skills to deal massive physical damage to enemies. These assistance have weaker support and control abilities, but they are our lethal weapon against high magic defense enemies. Let's take a look at the Physical Attack Assistance!



    [Physical Attack Assistance]

    Mirajane and Gray are the most popular Physical Attack Assistance. As we can see their stats, they only have the stat of physical attack, and no magic attack.



    You can sift through Physical Attack Assistance in Assistant System.



    Most of Physical Attack Assistance's skills are causing physical damage. We can use Assistance Lacrima to increase the skill level of a Physical Attack Assistance. When the skill level is raised, it increases the physical attack.



    If you want to raise the attack of Physical Attack Assistance through formation, we need to use formations that can raise overall and physical attack.



    When against the Dark Guild, the enemy team will often consist of units with high magic defense. All we need to do is to choose the Physical Attack Assistance to deal lethal damage on these enemies. Let's train up our Physical Attack Assistance and we're sure you won't be disappointed with their great power!